JONGIA – The New Jongia

Stagnation means decline in a market that is subject to constant change. JONGIA has invested heavily to achieve its growth ambitions and to continue to make a sustainable contribution to the customer needs. Whether building, test center or workflows – almost everything is new at JONGIA now. With a big event on 13 November 2019, the manufacturer of agitators and mixers is celebrating its entry into the new era of company history.

HEINKEL – Focus on Processes: Trials, Scale-Ups and Optimizations

Analyzing complex relationships and exploiting potential – these are the challenges that process engineers in the process industry are facing. In order to fulfil the operational requirements in the best possible way and to ensure the optimum economic operation of a centrifuge, the HEINKEL experts support their customers: Extensive tests, process simulations, process optimizations and not least experience and sound know-how ensure an efficient operation.

New BOLZ-SUMMIX Cylindro Conical Mixer: Customer benefits from effective, uninterrupted operation

Several reasons convinced a global technology company to replace its existing mixer with a BOLZ-SUMMIX Cylindro Conical Mixer from the CCM series. For the production of the particularly demanding materials, the company has been using the Cylindro Conical Mixer since September 2019, ensuring short mixing times and eliminating maintenance work on the bottom bearings. Despite limited space its geometry made it easy to install it in the production plant.

COMBER – Heel Break System for maximum Product Yield

Increasing demands on the safety of operators and maximum product yield require modern, efficient systems. The COMBER Pressofiltro filter dryer features high performance and process reliability as well as easy validation. As an option, it also offers an effective, automated Heel Removal System, which enables residual layer-free product discharge.

Strong interest among visitors at CPhI China

CPhI, the leading pharmaceutical show in China, opened its doors from 18 to 20 June 2019 in Shanghai. HEINKEL Drying and Separation Group presented its wide product portfolio, different exhibits and vivid 3 D animations. Covering the entire pharma industry chain, visitors of CPhI got the opportunity to meet, network, do business and share ideas. […]

Reliable horizontal peeler centrifuge with inerting system and state-of-the-art control concept

At POWTECH 2019, HEINKEL is presenting the H 630 C in compact design, a horizontal peeler centrifuge for chemical applications. Due to the reduced distance between the drive shaft and the support foundation, the centrifuge has considerably less weight and optimal vibration behavior.

Effective heel break system from COMBER for heel-free product yield

COMBER has developed an effective heel break system for its Pressofiltro filter dryers to break up the heel remaining after the product has been discharged. It ensures there is no heel left after filtering thus ensuring maximum product yield.

Innovations for simulating complex processes in lab-scale: BOLZ-SUMMIX presents new technology for proven test unit at POWTECH 2019

Even in times of increasing digitalized simulations, trials in lab-scale dimensions are a necessity for verified quality assurance and the new development or optimization of compounds, active ingredients and production procedures. The functional lab-scale dryer BS-miniDRY from BOLZ-SUMMIX has a modular design and enables the successful and verifiable performance of processes such as drying, blending, re-wetting and product refining in kilo-scale volumes.

HEINKEL Centripurge: Inerting system for highest quality and safety requirements

With the inerting system HEINKEL Centripurge, according to SIL 3, the HEINKEL Drying and Separation Group developed an unprecedented inerting system for areas exposed to explosion hazards. Based on state-of-the-art technology and TüV-tested, it guarantees compliance to the latest safety regulations with reference to actual standards. The system is suitable in particular for applications in the pharmaceutical or chemical industries with highest requirements in respect to quality and safety, such as in the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients, agrochemicals and dietary supplements.

COMBER TURBODRY? Vacuum pan dryer for highest drying efficiency

COMBER TURBODRY? combines highest drying efficiency, wide operational flexibility and maximum product security. An important manufacturing step in production of pharmaceutical intermediates is contact vacuum drying after solid/liquid separation in centrifuges, nutsches or other filters.